White Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal Large 14K Rose Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Large, Raw, White Ghost Phantom quartz crystal wire wrapped in 14K Rose Gold Filled. Ghost crystals are very rare and have a clear to white phantom coming from the base of the Crystal. Some ghost phantoms look like they are just floating in the middle of the Crystal. This one shows up well in the photographs and is very easy to see in person with good shape at the tip.

This crystal has some mineral inclusions inside and a large key aperture on the front face and some etchings on the back.

 Pendant size is 2.25" x 0.8" x 0.7".

Ghost Phantom quartz crystals stimulate healing and activate healing abilities in individual chakras and can help access the Akashic records, good for past life work, and they help you to see and heal your shadow self and to reveal the gifts that your shadow holds. White ghost phantoms are particularly beneficial for contacting guides and stimulating clair-audience.

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