Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal and Blue Kyanite Cabochon Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

$ 185.00

Rare Natural Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal and Blue Kyanite cabochon wire wrapped in sterling silver.  This apophyllite crystal has a key aperture indentation on the top and a rainbow inside that comes to life when viewed from the bottom.  This kyanite is a lovely lighter blue with lots of chatoyance and sparkle. It reminds me of the color of well worn denim.

Pendant size is 2.8" x 1.1" x 0.75".

Blue Kyanite symbolizes letting go, rejuvenation, and alignment.

Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal symbolizes intuition, truth, and calm clarity.


Be cautious about hitting this crystal on things as I have broken the tip off one of mine when I dropped it. They are natural crystals with a mols hardness of 5 so can break along the natural cleave lines.


Chains are sold separately. We have many styles to compliment your pendant here.

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