Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal 14K Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Pendant

$ 180.00

Rare Natural Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal wire wrapped in 14K gold filled.This crystal has a small companion crystal on the top front and a small Stilbite companion crystal on the side at the top. This crystal has a longer point with good shape.

Pendant size is 1.5" x 1.2" and 0.9" deep (meaning how far the pyramid sticks out from the flat back)

Anyone who knows me has seen me wear my Apophyllite Crystal often because they are one of my very favorite stones. This crystal offered here is very special from my private reserve of Apophyllite crystals. Apophyllite Pyramid Crystals are becoming more and more rare due to the fact that they are no longer being mined. What is in circulation are the only ones that will be available.

Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal symbolizes intuition, truth, and calm clarity. 

Chains are sold separately. We have many styles to compliment your pendant here.

Be cautious about hitting this crystal on things as I have broken the tip off one of mine when I dropped it. They are natural crystals with a mols hardness of 5 so can break along the natural cleave lines.

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